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We are a group of estimators, contractors, and business men that have compiled over 100 years of work experience for others to benefit from. It doesn’t have to be as hard for you as it was for us. We are willing to share our knowledge with others through books, software, and training to take the learning curve out of the equation.

At the Electrical Connection we are here to help.

• Electrical Estimating questions
• Business advice
• Overhead
• Profit
• Cost
• Change Orders
• Time Tracking
• Project Management
• T &M
• Design and Build

We receive hundreds of questions daily and we work hard to provide you with the information ASAP. The right answer is better than a quick one.

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Electrical Connection
You have reached the point that you know you can't survive in the electrical business estimating by pen and paper. Today's general contractors demand prices quicker than ever. The most important tool that you own is your electrical estimating software but with all of the choices how do you know which one to choose?

We are here to help!